E. Geberbauer Engraving has been sought by Chicago’s finest jewelers and retailers since 1976. His prestigious clientele has included Tiffany & Co., Marshall Field’s, Spaulding’s, as well as manufacturers like Church & Co., and B.A. Ballou & Co. From his suite in the landmark Pittsfield Building, E. Geberbauer Engraving produces flawless work for the accounts mentioned above as well as servicing the fine retailers and private jewelers in Chicago and throughout the Midwest. He is recognized for unequaled talent and expertise that has built his 30 year career.

At age 14, Ed Geberbauer quit his paper route to work part time at O’Dell Jewelers in Waukegan, IL. Humble beginnings of sweeping floors, washing windows and fetching Boston coffees led to the glamour of adjusting Twist-O-Flex watchbands and attaching charms while he was proving himself capable of larger responsibility.

Ed earned the opportunity to practice and master the tabletop engraving machine and was entrusted with charms, watches and trophies while in his teens. Quickly Ed started to innovate- pushing a machine with limited capabilities to execute imaginative and outstanding work on the previously ordinary and standard items.

His natural talent becoming obvious, Ed was shown hand engraving by his boss, Milo O’Dell. A primary lesson was Hogarth’s Line of Beauty “…found in all of nature- the stem of a flower, a wave in the water, the curved line of a horse’s back.” Ed’s lesson was far more than inspiration; it has served as a foundation of his distinctive designs from past to

bio_picBy 18, Ed enrolled at Gem City College in Quincy, IL and was tutored in engraving, jewelry fabrication, repair, and stonesetting. After service in the Naval Reserves, Ed became a bench jeweler for Sid Fey at Edgar H. Fey Jewelers in Downers Grove, IL. Two years later, Ed apprenticed as a hand engraver at Art Trophy Engravers in Chicago. Here he learned the business aspect of high quality with quick delivery.
In 1976, Ed went independent by starting his own business in the Pittsfield Building, where he continuesto create constant works of art. When he is not being frustrated by Chicago’s sports teams, Ed can be found biking the city’s lakefront to and from his suite.