Why pay for hand engraving?

Only a living hand can deliver an artistic vision. A master engraver is both artist and technician when producing lettering like calligraphy or superior imaging, like a fine rendering. While not having to depend on pre-made stencils or computer-aided pictures, hand engraving is more than the skill of an operator; it is a transformative art of eye to hand to metal, capturing both light and character to give dimension and life. Hand engraving is also long wearing so your treasure will last a lifetime perfect for heirloom or legacy pieces.

What must a master engraver consider before detailing a piece?

He or she must draw upon a knowledge and sight of composition, spacing, proportion, depth and creativity before selecting the tools to be used. Other factors are the ‘behaviors’ of the different metals. A master is not just well-versed in the engraving arts, but also the different benefits and challenges of various alloys.

What factors affect pricing?

value_picThe size of the piece, style of the lettering, depth of the cuts, types of tools needed, the type of metal, complexity of layout, and time required to reproduce or create the requested words or images.